Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Mac Hands On Review!

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  • ★ Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Mac Hands On Review!

    In this video I show you guys how to configure Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Mac. I use my live account to log into it, even though it really wants you to log into your Office 365 account to configure itself at first. Also, I give you a hands on or first look of Outlook 2016 for Mac. What are you thoughts on Outlook 2016 for Mac?

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11/05/2017 O. S.
No wonder why MACs are so far behind. PC version rips this apart.

24/10/2016 Gianluca Jacob
Hey! I have Office 2016 for Mac. Can you please help me to import Contacts from Excel to Outlook 2016 Mac? PLS need help! Don't know how to creat an pst or olm :

29/09/2016 rodrigo ramos
Hi do you know how to make a paste special ? im sending an email but show in a rare format, i include also marked text.

13/08/2016 RAHUL GULATI
I think there is no option to export emails for backup this is really bad thing, Can u help me with this?

26/04/2016 michael
Real in depth review. "i love the blue" - Just kidding. xD -- Thanks for making the video.

30/03/2016 Trevor Rowe
I bought Office365 on the basis of MIcrosoft advertising that I would be able to use Office across 5 devices: PC, Imac, smart phone, tablet, etc. Outlook on iMac is the ultimate in the dumbing down of a good email product. There is not even a ruler. The MS solution. Use Word to format and copy and paste from there! Good grief. The ability to format has largely been removed from the Outlook I have used for years. To Microsoft: Shame, shame, shame.

22/03/2016 Villa Byron Suites
Why I can't get access to my email on OutLook?? I added my email and is always with the yellow light!!..... I can't understand. : Please HELP

01/02/2016 Tiradorin Ko Mata Mo
hi sir how to add multiple account and multiple outlook data file


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